IELTS Speaking Frame – 3

IELTS Speaking Frame – 3

Speaking is a tough nut to crack, if not practiced. For your practice, we will be adding a lot of speaking frames.


  • Are you good at concentration?
  • Why some people find it difficult to concentrate?
  • Is it important to concentrate?
  • Do you think concentration can be learned/ taught?
  • What types of jobs need more concentration?

Task Card

Talk about your personality trait which you feel has been useful for you. You should say:

  • What it is?
  • How did you know it?
  • Why do you consider it a strength?

Follow Ups

  • How can one know his/her strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are people in your country aware of their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do people evolve emotionally as they grow older?
  • Do you think self-realization is imperative for evolution?
  • How do you think propensity towards self-development has changed as compared to the past?

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