Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #79

Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #79

Relevant Vocabulary is given in the classes pertaining to each cue card. Refer to that to make your speaking more effective.

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  1. What activities make you feel good about yourself?
  2. When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin? / When do you feel self-sufficient?
  3. What does healthy self-esteem mean to you?
  4. Is your self-esteem a product of positive self-talk (or exactly the opposite)?
  5. Who in your life has taught you to become confident about yourself?


Describe a place outside your home that you visit when you feel stressed. You should say:

  • What and where is it?
  • Why do you go there?
  • How often do you go there?


  1. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor places for relaxation?
  2. What places do people usually visit in your country?
  3. Do they visit them on a regular basis? Why is that?
  4. What is a perfect work-life balance, in your opinion?
  5. Will this situation get worse in the future? Why?

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