Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2021 – #9

Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2021 – #9

Educational applications

  1. Do you use any educational app/website?
  2. When did you start using that application?
  3. Did anyone recommend you to use that app/website?
  4. Do you find this app/website fruitful in terms of getting solutions?
  5. Do you like taking assistance of this app in your studies?


Describe a time when you performed on stage for the first time. You should say:
-What was the occasion?
-When and where did you perform?
-Why did you perform there?


  1. Is confidence important for a stage performance?
  2. Why do some people like to perform in a group?
  3. What qualities people can gain when they participate in a group?
  4. Why winning is essential for some people?
  5. How stage performance will change in the future?

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