Predicted and Solved IELTS Essay 6-Aug-2020

Predicted and Solved IELTS Essay 6-Aug-2020

Following is the predicted and solved IELTS essay for the 6-Aug-2020.

Easy ways of living in big cities are adversely affecting the health of people. To what extent do you agree or disagree. Give relevant reasons and examples.

The charm of a convenient life in big cities attracts hordes or migrants from smaller towns. On the darker side, this ease of living affects the health of citizens in a negative manner. I completely agree with this issue and I feel that a lot needs to be done to make these mega inhabitations worth living.

On the one hand, people can reap technical benefits from living in these mega-cities. These cities are technologically advanced and the internet is the way of life. E-shopping is rampant and phobia to experiment with electronic gadgets is minimal. City dwellers can be seen fiddling with their mobiles and laptops all day long and getting the work done in seconds, but the habit of reaching to people or talking to strangers is non-existent. As a result, city dwellers are socialising in the cyber-world, but they are isolated in the real one. This isolation is a major cause of mental sickness and depression.

The pendulous life of work-home-work in a metropolitan city does not leave much time for the person to eat healthy food. Majority of the people order food or go out and eat. There is no second thought that this way is easy and pleasurable, but it takes a toll on health. High cholesterol and hypertension is the new normal for urban people. Many people develop allergies and medical problems at a young age and are on life-long medication.

In conclusion, although the advantages of living in large cities are undeniable, I feel that city life increases the risk of several health problems. The population surely gets attracted to these large developments, but the price they pay is large too.

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