PTE Speaking Read Aloud 2020 – 2

PTE Speaking Read Aloud 2020 – 2

PTE Academic Read Aloud is one of the easiest and most scoring question types. In the real exam, you would be seeing 6-7 Read aloud. They are worth 15 marks each. is the official website for PTE.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Water

Water covers over two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and constitutes almost 70% of our bodies. This profound organic association appears to trigger a quick reaction in our brains when we’re close to water. Indeed, the mere sight and sound of water can incite a surge of neurochemicals that promote well-being and induce relaxation.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Brazil

In Brazil, it is unlawful to chop down a Brazil nut tree. Thus, they can be found outside manufacturing plants, homes and on the sidewalks. The fruits are very heavy and rigid; when the fruits fall, they pose a serious threat to vehicles and people passing under the tree. Brazil nut fruits sink in fresh water, which can cause clogging of waterways.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 W.H.O.

W.H.O has issued a public statement calling for the disclosure of results from clinical trials for medical products, whatever the result. The move aims to ensure that decisions related to the safety and efficacy of vaccines, drugs and medical devices for use by populations are supported by the best available evidence.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Galwan Valley

These are the first visual details of the spot where Indian and Chinese troops brawled in Galwan Valley and led to heavy casualties on both sides. The satellite images show that despite being massively outnumbered by Chinese troops and losing at least 20 men, the Indian side is still holding its ground at Galwan, day after the clashes.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Statistics

The provision of accurate and authoritative statistical information strengthens modern societies. It provides a basis for decisions to be made on such things as where to open schools and hospitals, how much money to spend on welfare payments and even which football players to replace at half-time.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Lincoln

President Lincoln issues a public declaration that an insurrection exists and calls for 75,000 militia to stop the rebellion. As a result of this call for volunteers, four additional southern states secede from the Union in the following weeks. Lincoln will respond on May 3 with an additional call for 43,000 volunteers to serve for three years, expanding the size of the Regular Army.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Americans

Hundreds of millions of American people eat fast food every day without giving it too much thought, unaware of the subtle and not so subtle ramifications of their purchases. They just grab their tray off the counter, find a table, take a seat, unwrap the paper, and dig in. The whole experience is transitory and soon forgotten.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Australians

Australians do speak English, however, for some tourists and travelers, it can be difficult to understand the slang. Also, the links between Australian and American English were seen to be very tenuous. At least some colloquialisms in Australian English does not exist in other types of English.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Brain

The brain is divided into two hemispheres, called the left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere provided a different set of functions, behaviours, and controls. The right hemisphere is often called the creative side of the brain, while the left hemisphere is the logical or analytical side of brain. The right hemisphere controlled the left parts of the body, and the left hemisphere controlled the right side.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Two Sisters

Two sisters were at dinner party when the conversation turned to upbringing. The elder sister started to say that her parents had been very strict and that she had been rather frightened of them. Her sister, younger by two years, interrupted in amazement. “What are you talking about?” she said, “Our parents were very lenient”.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Honorary Degree

When he was awarded an Honorary Degree by the University of Newcastle, even John Robertson himself must surely have looked back in wonder at his astonishing rise to success.
The year was 1910, and those assembled were to hear not only of his generosity to the University, which enabled it to contribute to the pioneering research into tropical diseases being carried out at that time, but also of his humanitarian work in southern Africa, where he was ahead of his time in improving the working conditions of local mine workers.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Turks

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a multi-island archipelago at the southern tip of the Bahamas chain, approximately 550 miles south-east of Florida. The islands are an overseas territory of the United Kingdom although they exercise a high degree of local political autonomy. The economy of the islands rests mainly on tourism, with some contribution from offshore banking and fishing.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Schooling

Primary schooling is divided into eight grades, with most pupils entering at the age of four years and leaving at twelve. After two kindergarten years, Grades 1-6 are covered by a graded curriculum in maths, language and science that increases in difficulty as pupils get older.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Primary

There is little repetition and pupils are expected to progress through primary school in their age cohorts. At the end of primary schooling, pupils sit an examination that serves to stream them in the secondary setting. Primary and secondary school enrolment is virtually universal.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Government Schools

There are a total of ten government primary schools on the islands. Of these, seven are large enough to organize pupils into single grade classrooms. Pupils in these schools are generally grouped by age into mixed-ability classes. The remaining three schools, because of their small pupil numbers, operate with multigrade groupings. They serve communities with small populations whose children cannot travel to a neighbouring larger primary schools.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Pupils

Pupils in these classes span up to three grade and age groups.
As far as classroom organization is concerned, the multigrade and monograde classrooms are similar in terms of the number of pupils and the general seating arrangements, with pupils in rows facing the blackboard.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Water

There is no evidence that the multigrade teachers operate in a particularly resource-poor environment in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This is in contract to studies conducted in other developing country contexts.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Spain

There is a part of Spain’s sun-baked Andalucia that is extraordinary not only because of its unspoiled terrain and authentic Spanish traditions but also because of its caves. These are not dark, damp holes, with dripping water and evil smells. They are residences, ancient Bronze Age dwellings now being refurbished for hundreds of 21st century Spaniards. In Galera, the region’s most important village, it’s estimated that there are at least 1,000 such habitations carved into its hillsides. 

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 UN Day

United Nations Day has been observed on October 24 since 1948 and celebrates the objectives and accomplishments of the organization, which was established on October 24, 1945.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Peacekeeping

The UN engages   in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions across the globe. Though some say its influence has declined in recent decades, the United Nations still plays a tremendous role in world politics. In 2001 the United Nations and Kofi Annan, then Secretary-General of the UN, won the Nobel Peace Prize “for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Judgements

People have the right to make informed judgements about the kind of leaders they have. Attempts to restrict what may be reported about public figures in the press could easily become a conspiracy to keep voters in the dark and to manipulate them. All elections are to a greater or lesser extent about the character of the leading politicians involved.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Corruption

Exposing corruption and dishonesty on the part of public officials and businesses is a critical part of the function of a free press, and it is essential to the functioning of a free-market economy. If investigative journalists are prevented from scrutinising the private lives of public figures, then corruption and crime will be much easier to hide.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 United Nations

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization that aims to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Temple

A temple is a building reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice. It is typically used for such buildings belonging to all faiths where a more specific term such as church, mosque or synagogue is not generally used in English.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Jet Fuel

A steep increase in jet fuel prices by state-run refiners will swell the operating costs of Indian carriers at a time when they are struggling to reboot operations after a two-month halt due to the pandemic.

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