PTE Speaking Read Aloud 2020 – 5

PTE Speaking Read Aloud 2020 – 5

PTE Academic Read Aloud is one of the easiest and most scoring question types. In the real exam, you would be seeing 6-7 Read aloud. They are worth 15 marks each. is the official website for PTE.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Financial Plan

At the beginning of each fiscal year funds are allocated to each State account in accordance with the University’s financial plan. Funds are allocated to each account by object of expenditure. Account managers are responsible for ensuring that adequate funds are available in the appropriate object before initiating transactions to use the funds.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Radical Change

Lincoln’s apparently radical change of mind about his war power to emancipate slaves was caused by the escalating scope of the war, which convinced him that any measure to weaken the Confederacy and strengthen the Union war effort was justifiable as a military necessity.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Imagination

How do we imagine the unimaginable? If we’re asked to think of an object – say, a yellow tulip – a picture immediately forms in our mind’s eye. But what if we try to imagine a concept such as the square root of negative number?

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a digital ledger or computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction record entries, to control the creation of additional digital coin records, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership. It typically does not exist in physical form  and is typically not issued by a central authority.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Decentralized

Some cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking . When a cryptocurrency is minted or created prior to issuance or held on a centralized exchange, it is generally considered centralized. When implemented with decentralized control, each cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Cryptographer

In 1983, the American cryptographer David Chaum conceived an anonymous cryptographic electronic money called ecash. Later, in 1995, he implemented it through Digicash, an early form of cryptographic electronic payments which required user software in order to withdraw notes from a bank and designate specific encrypted keys before it can be sent to a recipient. This allowed the digital currency to be untraceable by the issuing bank, the government, or any third party.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Electronic Cash

In 1996, the NSA published a paper entitled How to Make a Mint: the Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash, describing a Cryptocurrency system, first publishing it in an MIT mailing list and later in 1997, in The American Law Review.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Emissions B-Money

In 1998, Wei Dai published a description of “b-money”, characterized as an anonymous, distributed electronic cash system. Shortly thereafter, Nick Szabo described bit gold. Like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that would follow it. BitGold was described as an electronic currency system which required users to complete a proof of work function with solutions being cryptographically put together and published.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Bitcoin

The first decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was created in 2009 by presumably pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. It used SHA-256, a cryptographic hash function, as its proof-of-work scheme. In April 2011, Namecoin was created as an attempt at forming a decentralized DNS, which would make internet censorship very difficult. Soon after, in October 2011, Litecoin was released. It was the first successful cryptocurrency to use scrypt as its hash function instead of SHA-256. Another notable cryptocurrency, Peercoin was the first to use a proof-of-work/proof-of-stake hybrid.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Coronavirus

Coronavirus disease 2019  is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.  It was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, and has resulted in an ongoing pandemic. The first confirmed case has been traced back to 17 November 2019. Traces of the virus have been found in December-2019 wastewater that was collected from Milan and Turin. As of 23 June 2020, more than 9.1 million cases have been reported across 188 countries and territories, resulting in more than 472,000 deaths. More than 4.52 million people have recovered.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Google

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies alongside Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Netflix

Netflix’s initial business model included DVD sales and rental by mail, but Hastings abandoned the sales about a year after the company’s founding to focus on the initial DVD rental business. Netflix expanded its business in 2007 with the introduction of streaming media while retaining the DVD and Blu-ray rental business.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Expansion

The company expanded internationally in 2010 with streaming available in Canada, followed by Latin America and the Caribbean. Netflix entered the content-production industry in 2013, debuting its first series House of Cards.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 New York

New York City, often called New York, is the most populous city in the United States. With an estimated 2019 population of 8,336,817 distributed over about 302.6 square miles, New York is also the most densely populated major city in the United States.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 New York City

Located at the southern tip of the U.S. state of New York, the city is the center of the New York metropolitan area, the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass. With almost 20 million people in its metropolitan statistical area and approximately 23 million in its combined statistical area, it is one of the world’s most populous megacities.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Culture of New York

New York City has been described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world, significantly influencing commerce, entertainment, research, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, fashion, and sports. Home to the headquarters of the United Nations, New York is an important center for international diplomacy.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Facebook

Facebook can be accessed from devices with Internet connectivity, such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones. After registering, users can create a profile revealing information about themselves. They can post text, photos and multimedia which is shared with any other users that have agreed to be their “friend”, or, with a different privacy setting, with any reader.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Marketplace

Users can also use various embedded apps, join common-interest groups, buy and sell items or services on Marketplace, and receive notifications of their Facebook friends’ activities and activities of Facebook pages they follow. Facebook claimed that it had more than 2.3 billion monthly active users as of December 2018.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 National Competition

This year the National Environmental Science Competition received excellent undergraduate and postgraduate entries from all across the country, with a wide range of projects. We are delighted that our awards are encouraging exciting and valuable projects that go beyond research and analysis to develop solutions for a number of key problems. Information about the shortlisted projects will be posted on our website in the first week of June.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Child Language

Child language brokers are children or young people who translate or interpret on behalf of family members or others who do not speak the local language. When settling into a new country, children often learn the local language more rapidly than their parents and other adults.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Real Youngsters

As a result youngsters start taking on the role of language broker in a number of different contexts such as shops, banks, schools, doctors, dentists, welfare offices, police stations, housing offices among many others.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Aim of Research

The aim of our research was to explore how moving home at a young age affected the development of pre-school children. There are many different reasons why families choose to move home, some of which are positive and some less so. Over a period of ten years our research team has investigated whether the conditions surrounding moving home, or indeed the fact of moving itself, contribute to children’s development problems.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Global Significance

Our mission is to be a university that has a global significance – to be a leader in higher education providing excellent research and teaching, and contributing to the most important issues and debates of modern times. We are proud that this university is increasingly having an impact on practice and thinking worldwide.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Advice

I am extremely grateful for the advice I got which encouraged me to take my final year project forward after university. I entered a number of business start-up competitions and was awarded the funding I needed to set up my own business. It completely changed my life. 

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Latest 2020 Graduate Scheme

Although I had actually had a graduate scheme lined up after graduating, I decided to take the risk and start my own company. Things took off surprisingly quickly and I can honestly say that I have never had any regrets about my decision.

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