Sample – To what extent…

Sample – To what extent…

The government’s investment in arts, music and theatre is a waste of money. Governments should invest these funds in public services instead.

To what extent do you agree with this statement?

It is often argued that the government should finance public services instead of spending its budget on arts, music, and theatre. Although I agree that the government’s investments in public services play a very important role, I think that proper funding of the arts sector is also crucial for society.

On the one hand, the government should definitely allocate a large part of its budget to public services. This economic sector determines the overall quality of life, ensuring that some basic services, like schools, hospitals, and roads, are available to all citizens irrespective of their income or social status. Public services satisfy the primary needs of the society and thus need proper funding, while artists and musicians are not curing diseases or building houses, so their role is secondary. For example, any country can live without music concerts, but the absence of medicine will create significant problems. 

On the other hand, arts, music, and theatre are not a waste of money, since they are an integral part of society’s cultural and intellectual development and amusement. Firstly, art and music draw people’s attention to diverse phenomena and represent the inward significance of things. Quite often a single drawing, piece, or song can exhort myriads of people to reconsider their attitude towards some situation. Moreover, visiting museums, watching movies, and listening to music are common ways of relaxation and entertainment. 

To conclude, I agree that the government should allocate a large part of its budget to the urgent needs of society like public services. But, art forms should also be financed since they play an important role in people’s development and entertainment.

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