Common Mistakes in PTE

Ever thought about the reasons why you couldn’t ace your PTE Academic exam or, you are someone who has to sit in the exam for the very first time and is very conscious about the test day. Well here are some of our tips which you should be considered while preparing or taking PTE academic.

Speaking too fast 

Often Aspirant confuse speed for fluency, and they all speak too fast. This decreases their scores in fluency. Also, while speaking too fast, legibility suffers. Hence, test takers should speak with a pace that is neither too fast, nor too slow. One should aim for a natural speed and maintain it throughout the duration of the speech.

Using a lot of filler sounds.

Thinking about the words which are to be spoken, often tends aspirants to make filler sounds like “a-a-a”, “uhm”. This also negatively affects the fluency score. Hence, to overcome this fact one can use templates for speaking, which enables them to avoid the usage of speaking.

Incorrect form of Grammar

Grammar is a set of rules which enables the user to speak, read, and write a language easily. Without correct usage of grammar, it’s quite impossible to score well in the test.

Not adjusting the microphones

Even if it sounds too basic, wearing microphones in an improper way can spoil the speaking part of the test. Its recommended to key the microphone 3 fingers away from the speaker’s lips, else voice may tremble.

Pausing for too long 

It’s essential to know that if you pause for 3 seconds or more then the microphones go off. Nothing said shall be recorded. Hence, keep this in mind.

Not modifying the template used

Using templates for PTE can be a savior at times, but not every template is applicable to every type of essay. Therefore, it must be kept in mind to read the statement clearly and then adjusting the template according to the question given in the final PTE academic test.

Writing without adhering to the word limit

Writing tasks like Summarize Written Text and essay, it’s advised that one should not exceed word limit and thus should write in the range of 200-300 words.

Not Knowing marking Criteria

 Getting marks in PTE can be tough if one hasn’t checked the scoring criteria as it is very much helpful to understand the requirements of the question so that high marks can be secured out of it.

Taking the PTE test as granted.

Despite being rumored easily, getting high scores in PTE could be a tough job. Hence, a month’s practice is recommended to get acquainted with the test’s format

Not Taking Professional help

Taking advantage of a professional’s help could be really useful as the weak spots can be covered.


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