What is Pearson Test of English Academic?

PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test, which enables non-native English speakers who aims to study in a foreign country.

Like other English proficiency tests, it test Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking of the candidate. It often tests 2 skills together, such as speaking and reading or writing and reading. The whole test is conducted in single session sitting at a computer in a secure test environment. Total duration of the   test is 3 hour, and includes an optional 10 minutes break after reading module. This test is wholly computerized and the result is declared with 5 days.  You can schedule your PTE exam 48 hours before your test date

Price INR 13,300  (INR 11,271 + 18% GST)
Duration 3 hours
Countries AcceptedAustralia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK

Video: https://youtu.be/i13QDafhGQc

 Why choose PTE Academic?


 PTE results are normally available in 5 business days. This enables students to easily move ahead with their admission process.

Multiple dates:

Candidate can choose the time and location of the test as per his/her convince. The test sessions run 360 days a year and over 200 locations worldwide.

Approved by Embassies and Universities:

Pearson Test of English is approved for all Australian and New Zealand student visa and migration applications. Also, this test is accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland. Some of the Top Ranking universities like Harvard, Yale, and INSEAD also accept PTE.

Fair and Secure: 

 The completely computerized test ensures all test takers are scored impartially and accurately. State-of-the-art biometrics ensure score validity.


No additional fee for sending scores to multiple universities.

Easy to prepare For A range of PTE books and mock test familiarizes students with the exam pattern, making it one of the easiest tests of English to appear for.

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