Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #42

Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #42

Please be noted that Relevant Vocabulary is given in the classes pertaining to each cue card. Refer to that to make your speaking more effective.

Interacting with Others

  1. Do you like talking to strangers?
  2. What was the last conversation you had?
  3. Do you discuss politics with your friends?
  4. Are families in your country very talkative?
  5. Which kinds of discussions do families have with each other?


Describe a time when you motivated a friend. You should say:
-When did it happen?
-How did you motivate him/her?
-Why did you motivate him/her?
-And how you felt about it.


  1. How do people usually motivate one another?
  2. How is online help different from real-life help?
  3. Should schools be responsible for teaching students how to cooperate?
  4. What is the difference between motivation from parents and help from a counselor?
  5. Does listening to motivational speeches help?

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