Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #57

Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #57

Relevant Vocabulary is given in the classes pertaining to each cue card. Refer to that to make your speaking more effective.

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Helping Animals

  1. Do you like helping stray dogs?
  2. Have you rescued any animal?
  3. Do people in your area give food to animals?
  4. Is killing street animal normal in your country?
  5. Why it is important for people to take care of such animals?


Describe a war or conflict you know about. You should say:
-what it was about
-how you know about it
-who was involved in this war or conflict
-and explain the outcome of this war or conflict.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why it is believed that war brings peace?
  2. How do wars impact the world and life?
  3. In what ways do the wars damage the balance between countries?
  4. How do people prepare themselves for wars?
  5. How do different countries provide aid to those nations that are incapable of helping their own people?

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