Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #88

Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #88

Relevant Vocabulary is given in the classes pertaining to each cue card. Refer to that to make your speaking more effective.

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Keeping fit

  1. How do you keep yourself healthy?
  2. Do you follow any specific diet plan to stay healthy?
  3. Have you ever taken the help of professionals to keep yourself fit?
  4. What has motivated you to take care of your health?
  5. Is there a need for self-control to follow any particular diet?


Describe a place that is unknown to most tourists in your country. You should say:

  • What place is this
  • Whether you have ever been to this place
  • What people can see there
  • And say why this place is unknown to most tourists.

Discussion Questions

  1. What kinds of places are more popular among tourists in your country?
  2. Why do people travel to different tourist sports?
  3. Is the number of tourists worldwide increasing? Why/Why not?
  4. Will your country and people benefit from more international tourists? How?

Vocabulary:Forgotten, valley, diversities, Hidden, attributed, assimilation, sociocultural

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