Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #91

Predicted IELTS Speaking Frame 2022 – #91

Relevant Vocabulary is given in the classes pertaining to each cue card. Refer to that to make your speaking more effective.

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  1. Work
  2. Do you use a computer at work?
  3. What could help you do your job better?
  4. Is planning ahead helpful at work?
  5. Do you take short or long breaks at work?
  6. Do you find it easy to relax?


Describe a tall building in your hometown that you like or dislike. Please say

  • Where this building is
  • what it looks like
  • what it is used for
  • and explain why you like or dislike this building.
  1. Will it become more common to live in high-rise buildings in the future?
  2. What are the disadvantages of living in a tall building?
  3. Is it a good idea to construct new buildings in a historical area?
  4. Is it better to expand the existing city or to build a new one?
  5. In your country, is it common to live in a high-rise building?

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