Video Call Speaking – IELTS

Video Call Speaking – IELTS

Test takers will take their Video-Call Speaking test at an official IELTS test centre with the same high standards of identity verification. They will be examined by an IELTS Examiner in another location, communicating via the laptop screen using headphones.

The Video-Call Speaking test has exactly the same features as the In-Person Speaking test in terms of content, scoring, timing, level of difficulty, question format and security arrangements.

You can learn about the Video-Call Speaking test in this video:

Useful tips for test takers:

  • At the start of the test, the Invigilator will be with you to check and set up the test: testing the connection, checking the headphones and sound levels, verifying your ID with the Examiner and ensuring that you are comfortable to start the test. 
  • You will need to read the part 2 questions on the screen, so bring your glasses if you use them.
  • Tell the Examiner if you cannot hear what they are saying at any point, so that they can repeat themselves.
  • Ring the bell on the table at any time, if you need help from the Invigilator.
  • When the test has finished, the invigilator will come and collect you from the test room.

The Video-Call Speaking test is as simple as that, so sit down and make yourself comfortable in the test room! 

On your test day

  • Plan to arrive at your test centre at least 30 minutes before your test to ensure you get there on time
  • Bring your Identification Document (ID) to the test centre (this must be the same valid ID you registered with)
  • You’ll be asked to lock all your personal belongings away whilst in the test centre (these will be securely stored)
  • Before your test you’re advised to use the bathroom before you enter the test room
  • Apart from your ID, you may take a small bottle of water into the test room with you (in a transparent container, with the label removed)
  • After your identity check and test day photography process, you’ll be taken to a waiting area and an invigilator will take you into the test room once the Examiner is ready
  • If you use glasses, please bring them with you on your test day as you’ll be required to read your Part 2 topic from the screen
  • You’ll also be required to wear a headset, so please bear this in mind

When you enter the test room

  • The format of the Video-Call Speaking test is the same as the in-person test (the only difference is your Examiner will be on the screen, you’ll wear a headset and your Part 2 topic will appear on-screen).
  • An invigilator will be in the room with you before the test starts and will ensure you’re happy with the sound levels.
  • The invigilator will check your ID with the Examiner before your Speaking test starts.
  • You must leave your ID on the desk during the test.

Before the test starts

  • Sit down and make yourself comfortable.
  • You should be in the centre of the screen.

During the test

  • Speak clearly at all times
  • Tell the Examiner if you can’t hear what (s)he is saying, and they can repeat themselves
  • Don’t touch anything on the table unless asked to do so by the Examiner
  • Avoid touching your face with the paper/ pencil etc. as this could affect the sound quality of the test
  • The topic for Part 2 of the test will appear on your screen. Please let the Examiner know immediately if you can’t see it
  • You can use the paper and a pencil to make notes before you speak in Part 2, you’ll be prompted by the Examiner when you can use this.
  • You’ll still have 1 minute for the preparation of Part 2 and you’ll still have up to 2 minutes for your Part 2 answer (all parts of the test have the same timings as an in-person test)
  • The Examiner will tell you when the test is finished, and the connection will end
  • Press the button should you need help

After the test

  • Before you leave the room, ensure you remember to take your ID
  • Leave the paper and pencil on the desk; don’t take them with you or tamper with them
  • You’ll be able to collect your belongings from the secure area before you leave the test centre.

Contact 1800-137-1975 for details and practice.

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