Can we salvage Punjab?

Can we salvage Punjab?

I will focus my essay only on Punjab and not on India or the world as a whole as it will change the parameters. Jobs and Education will be my focus area – Nishant Khanna

PART 1 – Can we salvage Punjab?

Punjab is passing through a stage where people are fed up with governance. Now their stage is indifference towards everything. They have become hardened by fake promises made by illiterate leaders. Leaders have become more of clowns and subjects of mockery, than role models.

“Let the state and its politics go to hell, we will try and save our next generation by sending them abroad or to other places in India.” This is the thought process of the common man.

Youngsters on the other hand – JUST DON’T CARE. Social media has taken them to a place where they are totally cut off from reality. They are not interested to do anything productive for the state.

This is a dangerous situation where Punjab as a state is losing its young blood at a very fast pace without an option of replenishment. The question here is “Can we salvage Punjab?”

The answer is not simple. It has many variables which need to be set right. Simple motivation and preaching would not help. We need hard-core think-tanks that are adept at changing the mindset of the common man and producing tangible results.

Job-oriented education can be one of the multiple solutions which can be implemented. But the benefits will be harnessed by other states and will lead to further brain-drain, unless it is coupled with job creation, it is futile.

Now the solution boils down to two variables –

  1. Equipping youth with job-oriented skillset
  2. Creating suitable jobs matching those skillsets

Here is the point where we need massive discussion. Which side do we want Punjab to swing? It is not a simple one-liner. Our decisions today will affect the generations to come. Unless people make money and have a comfortable lifestyle, they will not show patriotism. They have global options today.

To be continued … PART 2