Online Coaching v/s Classroom Coaching

Online Coaching v/s Classroom Coaching

Thanks to COVID-19, online coaching is in vogue nowadays. However, traditionalists still argue that classroom coaching is the best and perhaps the only way to learn effectively. We at Webberz believe that if done right, online coaching is hundreds of times better than brick-and-mortar classroom coaching. We are not bragging about ourselves, but, our results substantiate our claim. We believe that online coaching is a far better way to prepare for any exam or any subject. The reasons are numerous, which we will list out below.

A good mentor is usually the difference between success and failure. Be it sports, academics or life. Right since your young days, we are introduced to the world of academic coaching. Fortunately, technology has brought about a sea change in coaching since.

With online coaching being made available to students, there are many advantages that are on offer which the traditional classroom coaching centers could not provide. Here are some of the benefits that online coaching offers over classroom coaching:

Better utilization of time

As a student, time is one of the most important resources. More so, if you are preparing for a language exam. With classroom coaching, students spend a lot of time traveling to and from the coaching center. After reaching back home, you need more time to relax from the tiredness experienced due to the travel before you start studying at home again. With online coaching, the commute time drops down to zero. Now, you can use all your energy to study which helps you maximize your efforts.

Opportunity for Struggling Students to Excel

Online study material can be an academic lifeline for many students, such as those who:

  • Grasp new material faster or slower than other students
  • Are rebuilding confidence after experiencing bullying or are introverts and feel socializing is a burden
  • Accrue many absences because of a difficult-to-accommodate schedule
  • Online Coaches can personalize assignments, provide extra resources, and even arrange a time to talk with students one-on-one to provide the individual attention they need


Most classroom courses have fixed time schedules in the morning or evening so that students can attend them pre or post attending their college/work. So, if you have an evening schedule, you would be dead tired by the time you reach back from work. Alternately, if you have a morning class, you will be tired at work. Commuting kills!

With online coaching, you can get back home after your day, have a shower, relax, and then sit to study with a fresh mind. Or, you can get up a little early and use the morning, when you are ideally at your best, to study. You are not bound by the timings of the class.

Geographically independent faculty

Let’s say that you live in Mumbai and there is an excellent coach for PTE or IELTS in Delhi. How do you enroll in his class? If you want to attend his brick-and-mortar classroom, then you might have to travel to Delhi and stay there for the period of the course. Impractical.

With online coaching, most institutes hire the best brains in each subject and offer their expertise to students. This is possible because no physical travel, either of the faculty or the students is involved. The coach can be sitting in any corner of the country and conducting an online class.


It’s a simple calculation.

  • Physical Classroom = Cost of establishment + maintenance of classroom + staff
  • Online coaching = No such costs

Hence, online coaching is more cost-effective than physical classroom coaching. Add to it the amount of money you save by not commuting to the class and you have a better proposition already.

Webberz, our online coaching departments, understand the requirement of the students and offers online courses for various language exams. We hire the best faculty (read Certified Trainers by British Council, IDP, Pearson, Cambridge, and Oxford) for each subject who are passionate about teaching. Further, we conduct small group doubt sessions to keep you ahead of the curve.

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