Correlative Connectors

Correlative Connectors

These are pairs of connectors which only make meaning if used in pairs.


  • Use the pair together
  • Follow the compound sentence rule while using the correlative connectors


  • Do not remove any component of the pair
  • Do not alter any component of the pair

While writing or speaking, try and use these connectors for compound structures. These will help improve the range of grammar.

Correlative connectors:
A) Either …..or…
Use: it shows selection of 1 unit out of any given 2 units.

Example: It is my final offer – you can either take it or leave it

B) Neither…..nor…..
Use: It shows rejection of both the units out of any given 2 units.

Example: Neither Norway nor Switzerland is in the European Union.

C) both ….. and …..
Use: It shows selection of both the units from any given 2 units

Example: The results of the research are both impressive and alarming.

D) Not only …… but also
Use: It shows application of 2 activities/units/sets together.

Example: The car not only is economical but also feels good to drive.

E) No sooner ….. than …..
Use: It shows a completed action(after “no sooner”) which is immediately followed by another action(after “than”)

Example: No sooner had I finished watering the garden than it started raining


1. She is neither polite ____ funny.

A) Or
B) Nor
C) Not
D) Yet

2. _____ that is the case, I’m not surprised about what’s happening.

A) If / then
B) No sooner / than
C) Scarcely / when
D) Whether / or

  1. Have you made a decision about _____ to go to the movies ______ not?

A) If / then
B) Either / or
C) Whether / or
D) What with / and

  1. ________ had I put my umbrella away, it started raining.

A) No sooner / than
B) If / then
C) What with / and
D) Neither / nor

  1. This salad is _____ delicious ______ healthy.

A) Whether / or
B) Both / and
C) Scarcely / when
D) Rather / than


  1. B. She is neither polite nor funny.
  2. A. If that is the case, then I’m not surprised about what’s happening.
  3. C. Have you made a decision about whether to go to the movies or not?
  4. A. No sooner had I put my umbrella away, than it started raining.
  5. B. This salad is both delicious and healthy.


On one hand, the growth of service sector must be considered for its effects on socio-economic situations all over the globe. Owing to the steady and rapid growth, this sector has “not only” brought the attention of job seekers “but also” it has made the world more technologically advanced. “Both” the social “and” economic situations have been affected wherein the society has become more dependent on technology and the economic structures all across the globe have become robust.

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